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My Mission is to guide, empower and inspire Men and Women who yearn for more from life, through my work in the world, and by being the best husband, father, friend, and transformational leader possible.

In doing so my hope is together, we can shift the centre of gravity of humanity to higher levels of consciousness and guide people to live their best lives now.

I am called to share, to serve and to help others experience the blessings of a full life.

I am conscious devotion to liberating hearts.

Hi, I’m Shannon O’Brien

I believe life is a wild adventure to be savoured and enjoyed and for the most part in my life, I have been a hell yes to cultivating and participating in the blessings of a full range of life experiences.

And in doing so, I have learned to treasure the highs, the lows, and everything in between.

In 2011, I ended a high-flying corporate career and jumped into the void of nothingness. I didn’t know what I would do next and giving up the golden handcuffs of that job was filled with heart-wrenching anxiety.

Despite the uncertainty, I had no choice. My soul was calling me to my deepest purpose and a vision of a life that yearned for more.

I have since learned to sit in the discomfort, past and present, mine and of my immediate family, of illness, grief, divorce, poverty, domestic violence, addiction, mental illness, abundance, death, fear, uncertainty and to train my nervous system to stay present, grounded, and alive through it all. To feel all sensations. All of it. 

O'Brien couples retreat

I have also been privileged and blessed to travel the world, raise two thriving young men, and cultivate a beautiful and ever-expanding relationship with my beloved. And I feel liberated.

My motto is “fail and recommit”, which I practice daily. I believe in the abundance of life, and I am learning to trust that everything I need is available to me when I can tune in to my heart and use the power of my mind, my body, and my breath.

I am at a stage in my life now where I am called to share, to serve and to help others experience the blessings of a full life. To grow up, wake up, clean up and show up!

It can be daunting, and we can all use a guide to show us the path at times. I’ve been fortunate to have some magnificent teachers and guides in my life.

For over 20 years I worked at the highest echelons of Corporate Australia. Working alongside the who’s who of industry leaders, investment bankers and deal makers.

For the last 10 years, I have practiced with shamans, bodyworkers, breath workers, spiritual and yogic embodiment teachers.

… and I have learned, magnetising new opportunities and a following is an exercise in embodiment and has everything to do with your transmission. Building this kind of trust and integrity happens through the body and is where people decide if you’re worth following!

My gift now is to share the unique wisdom that bridges these two worlds. The doing and the being, through the blessings of my own teachers.

How can i help?

My work is offered through:


Transformational One on One Coaching


Men’s Group Practice in Depth and Awareness


Couples’ Relationship Coaching and Programs

I have been working with Shannon since 2015, and in the 5 years that he has assisted our business we have increased our revenue and staff head count significantly. Shannon has helped bring structure and more discipline to our business during a strong growth period. His unique approach has helped us create a work environment that heavily encourages open communication, connection and most importantly, keeping things fun. He has been integral in helping me reach a number of personal and professional goals, which has brought more balance into my everyday life. 

Leon Bowes

Director at Apollo Property Group

The Art of Deep Loving

If we want to grow and learn about ourselves, being in a relationship with a life partner will bring out the very best and worst in us. Relationships are challenging – the highest yoga of all. They are living breathing ecosystems that need care and attention. In the busyness of life, work, kids, and personal ambitions, it is often the relationship with our beloved that gets the scraps.

What if we could turn that on its head? What if we told you that with a few simple tools, practised regularly, you could cultivate a rich and thriving relationship that will open you up to new possibilities? A depth and connection that is fulfilling and life-affirming.

This is an invitation for both singles and couples that are simply not satisfied to remain on the surface and uphold the status quo. It is a journey for the adventurous heart that is happy to be cracked wide open to new ways of relating, to new depths of connection and to a wonderland of joy and beauty.

There is so much more power available within us and within our intimate partnership. Old wounds, habitual behaviours, fears, and unresolved feelings all diminish access to our sovereignty. Once we learn the tools, we gain a roadmap to reclaim our greatest power.

Shannon O'Brien Rachel O'Brien

If any of this resonates with you, even if it’s just a spark of recognition within, consider some coaching in the Art of Deep Loving as a path to fulfill your heart’s longing.

We share our own personally curated tools and techniques for deep relating. Thousands of hours of study and practice are shared as a combination of yoga, breathwork, energy and nervous system upgrades, sacred teachings and embodiment practices that will take your relationship to the next level.

Warriors in the Boardroom

5 Month Leadership Program


We are living in a complex world – it feels as if life and time is moving and changing at warp speed. When it comes to leadership in these complex times, self-awareness and the energy to change what no longer works, is a valuable and often elusive commodity.

To navigate the challenges we face, the world needs great Men right now!

Men that can lead within this ever-changing landscape and take their leadership to new levels. To understand that magnetising a following, and great results, is an exercise in cultivating a way of being that is fully trustable and becomes your way of doing.

Warriors in the Boardroom is a journey into Embodied Masculine Leadership. Through our 30 years of personal leadership experience and extensive study with world renowned embodied leadership experts we practice the skills of balancing warrior energy with creativity and connection.

Photo credit: Max Trombly

The greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he aquires but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively.


Some of the wonderful organisations I have been fortunate to work with

Shannon O'Brien


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